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Machining Variables Affecting High Performance EDM Wire Cutting Machines

Aug. 19, 2021

Simply put, a wire EDM has a repetitive cutting function, similar to a low-speed wire cutting machine. In order to maintain the stability of the molybdenum wire and improve the surface finishing quality of the workpiece, the wire speed is reduced, so it is called "medium speed wire EDM" or "medium speed wire EDM". Like conventional repetitive cutting, the surface roughness is significantly enhanced by multiple cutting and removal of the machining margin, such as roughing, semi-finishing and finishing, compared to conventional high-speed wire-cut EDM. With multiple cuts, the surface roughness of the workpiece can generally reach Ra0.8μm.

Wire-Cutting EDM Machines

 Wire-Cutting EDM Machines


Machining Variables Affecting High Performance EDM Wire Cutting Machines

Ease of operation

Ease of use and a more user-friendly interface become critical to users. The new Windows-based controls offer many enhancements designed to make the operator's life easier. The new touch screen controls with many built-in programs optimize wire EDM setup and operation, simplifying machine operation and increasing reliability, thus improving overall throughput. The learning curve is also significantly shorter as operators have fewer screens to learn. In addition, this reduces the amount of time required for training. On average, these new CNC controls reduce setup and part machining time by 20 to 30 percent, allowing operators to perform other tasks.


Reliability has a greater impact on machine throughput and productivity than pure cutting speed. The nature of the wire cutting machine and the systems required to control the (wire) cutting tool are critical to machine performance. Higher flushing pressure and quality wire (electrodes) both have an impact on machine performance and cutting speed. Faster processing speeds result in the need for stronger, more robust machine construction and tooling.

Heavy Duty Split Unit Wire-Cutting EDM Machines

Heavy Duty Split Unit Wire-Cutting EDM Machines

Maintaining High Precision

While traditional machining forces are not encountered, wire cutters must withstand other forces. For example, the lower head hangs from the end of an arm that extends from the column. This lower arm must be well constructed to withstand the extreme flushing pressures used in the roughing process. As machining speeds increase, accuracy and surface finish may be adversely affected. The overall downtime for replacing worn parts and general maintenance also increases, not to mention the overall consumption of the wire itself.


When we look at the basic construction of all EDM wire cutters, it is clear that the position of the wire guides, especially in the lower arm, can be affected by these higher flushing pressures. This can affect the position of the wire in the spark gap. A more rigid mechanical structure can better withstand the higher flushing pressures and may actually help to increase the machining speed.


The accuracy of an EDM wire cutting machine can be affected by the sum of the components that make up the entire system. CNC controls, servo drives and feedback systems are obviously important. But what makes a machine accurate? Unfortunately, when talking about EDM, machine design and construction is rarely a topic of discussion. Machine weight, ball screw diameter and construction do not matter. However, machine weight will directly affect the growth rate of the machine. Regardless of the feedback method used, thermal expansion will adversely affect machining accuracy and, more importantly, repeatability.

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