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Litong Brand Strength

Jun. 22, 2021

WEDM-MS Machine

WEDM-MS Machine

To settle down in 32 years of Technical heritage, To Create High-end Brand ----LITONG Full closed-loop Servo & Eco-friendly WEDM-MS Machine Tools


High Efficiency

One cutting 300mm²/min; Rough-cut once & Fine trimming twice 6000mm²/ per hour; 2~5 times faster than ordinary machine tools

Litong Brand Strength

High Precision

Closed loop control accuracy ≤±3μm,  2~3 times higher than Chinese National Support; 

Support AutoCAD,NCCAD\CAXA programming to ensure accurate control;

High Strength structure machine body and durability to improve precision;

Low roughness

Die Steel Ra≤0.8μm

Tungsten Steel Ra<0.5μm

Litong Brand Strength

High Finish

Close to the high finish of imported WEDM-LS;

High performance discharge circuit, high efficiency, low electrode loss, 

well finish surface good for customers from all walks of life, who has the demand.