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How to Install The Wire Correctly During Use?

Jul. 07, 2021

According to the running speed of the electrode wire, the wire EDM machine tool is usually divided into two categories: one is the high-speed wire EDM wire cutting machine, the electrode wire is reciprocating at a high speed, and the wire speed is generally 8-10m/s. The wire electrode can be used repeatedly, and the processing speed is high, but fast wire walking can easily cause the electrode wire to jitter and stop in reverse, which reduces the processing quality. It is the main type of machine produced and used in China, and it is also the original wire EDM machining in China. Mode; the other is a low-speed wire-moving wire-cut EDM machine. The wire electrode moves in one direction at a low speed. Generally, the wire speed is lower than 0.2m/s. After the wire is discharged, the electrode wire is no longer used, and the work is stable, uniform and small , The processing quality is better, but the processing speed is lower. It is the main type of machine produced and used abroad. Next, Wire Cutting Machine Manufacturers will briefly introduce how to wire the wire cutting machine correctly during the use of the wire cutting machine.

Heavy Duty Split Unit Wire-cutting EDM Machines

Heavy Duty Split Unit Wire-cutting EDM Machines

1. Maintain a certain tension during the wire loading process. During the wire loading process, hold the molybdenum wire wheel with your hand to maintain a certain tension. If there is no tension, it will easily lead to the phenomenon that the wire tube is disordered and the wire slips out of the guide wheel.

2. The wire is inserted into the inverted wheel, and the installed molybdenum wire should be inserted into the guide wheel to avoid friction and wear between the molybdenum wire and the frame to damage the frame and reduce the service life of the molybdenum wire.

3. There must be sufficient wire length. The wire barrel is a reciprocating motion in the wire cutting process. The width of the wire barrel should be at least one-half of the width of the wire barrel and slightly smaller than the width of the wire barrel.

4. Keep the wire perpendicular to the worktable? After the wire is wound and tensioned, the verticality of the wire to the worktable should be corrected and adjusted. In production practice, simple tools are mostly used. (Such as a square, a cylindrical ruler or a regular hexahedron), using the working surface (or the fixture table placed on it) as the inspection standard, visually check whether the gap between the electrode wire and the tool surface is consistent up and down, and adjust until the gap is consistent up and down.

5. Re-tension the wire after installation. Generally, wire-cut EDM machines have molybdenum wire tensioning devices. For wire-cutting machine tools that do not have a tensioning device for the wire frame, the wire must be tensioned with the hand wheel before processing.

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