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How Does Wire EDM Work?

Sep. 08, 2021

First developed commercially in the 1970s, the EDM wire cut machine has become increasingly popular due to its reliable accuracy and low machine wear. Because it is a non-contact method, machine wear is low and therefore machine maintenance is less. Once the electrodes are close enough, it sparks and corrodes the metal. It is best suited to high tolerance parts, very hard steel or other tough materials such as carbide or titanium.


How does wire edm work?

A wire cutter (also known as a wire EDM) is based on the same principle as a conventional EDM. It uses an electrically charged electrode, so that when it comes close to a conductive material, the current jumps to it. This creates sparks which fall on the conductive material and corrode it. The only difference is that in the case of wire cutting, the electrode is a copper wire.



Just like EDM, wire cutting is an extremely precise process. However, it is a slow process that increases exponentially in speed as the thickness of the material being cut increases. To perform wire cutting, you need a solid CAD model of the part so that the machine has a model to generate the cut path. It has an excellent surface finish and can also produce complex or delicate patterns.


EDM applications

EDM is most commonly used in tool and die making processes, particularly for extrusion dies and blanking punches. eDM can be used in all areas from prototypes to complete production runs and is most commonly used to make metal parts and tools. The process is best suited to applications where low residual stresses are required.


LITONG WEDMs-MS are suitable for all kinds of Black metal, Copper and Copper Alloy, Aluminum and Alloy, Tungsten steel, Titanium alloy, Die steel etc. other materials of precision parts and tool processing, widely used in Machinery, Electronics, Aviation, Military industry, Shipbuilding, Automobile, Home appliances, Building materials, Tooling and other industries.

 Wire-Cutting EDM Machine

 Wire-Cutting EDM Machine

Why use EDM?

EDM allows the machining of hard materials and alloys of increasing thickness without compromising the surface finish of the final product.

As a non-contact process, EDM allows for a high quality surface finish, thereby reducing the need for post-treatment procedures and surface preparation normally required by other manufacturing processes.

As EDM is a computer numerically controlled (CNC) machining process and uses automated software to program the functions, the wire edm process produces accurate, predictable and repeatable results during each production run.

Wire EDM can also accommodate small production runs that require tight tolerances, which are common in the aerospace and medical device industries.

Wire EDM is more cost and time efficient than other available processes.


Advantages of Wire-Cutting EDM Machine

LITONG precision MS-WEDMs are a high-end MS-WEDM, with excellent cost performance. It can completely replace the traditional HS-WEDM & partially replace the LS-WEDM. LITONG MS-WEDMs are suitable for wire cutting and discharge machining of most conductive solid materials.


● High efficiency: the highest efficiency of one cutting is 300mm2/min, the highest efficiency of one-cut & two-repair is 6000mm2/ hour.

● High precision: closed loop control accuracy ≤±3μm.

● Low roughness: Die steel Ra≤0.8μm, Tungsten steel Ra < 0.5μm


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