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What is the Difference Between Wire Cutting Technology and Water Cutting Technology?

Aug. 19, 2021

As a Wire Cutting Machine Manufacturer, let me share with you. Nowadays, many large-scale parts manufacturers are using wire-cutting machine tools. When cutting some hard materials just now or some harder materials, this cutting technology can complete the task as quickly as possible. To ensure that the cutting damage surface area is smaller, the principle of this kind of mechanical working is to pass pulse current.

Wire Cutting Machine Manufacturer

Wire Cutting Machine Manufacturer

Corrosion of some harder materials, through the effect of this corrosion, the overall material is separated, to achieve an effective cutting effect, in addition to this line cutting method, water cutting produced by the Chinese is now also more popular, through the high-pressure air pump The constant pressurization of the water flow. Let the water flow form a water jet, which can effectively cut some soft materials. In terms of effect, it is better than wire cutting, and the cut surface is smoother.

When cutting some harder materials, the designer can easily make some sand and iron in the water, so that the blade of the water jet becomes sharper, which can effectively cut various steel plates or some special materials. Make the cut surface smoother. Although wire cutting technology is widely used in the manufacture of various large industrial parts, this technology has many shortcomings in the process of operation. It is also better than water cutting on the cut surface.

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